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“Creative thinking is not a talent, it is a skill that can be learnt. It empowers people by adding strength to their natural abilities which improves teamwork, productivity and where appropriate profits.”

Edward de Bono



The benefits of Design Thinking.

Design thinking is a creative and essential process that is specifically directed at creating value and solving problems in the business world. It encourages organisations to focus on the people they are serving or creating for in non-traditional ways. This leads to better products, services, and improved interface processes for both clients and colleagues. Design thinking can be applicable to all areas of a business and to all types of industries and professions and all sizes of companies – from small start-ups to the largest of global corporations.

In this workshop, Gail engages the group in a series of analytical, innovative and collaborative fine art activities which encourage and stimulate participants to experiment and create by problem-solving project briefs using a range of art materials on both two and three-dimensions. The activities are designed and tailor-made for each group and run in parallel with each of the key stages of Design Thinking; they build confidence by encouraging risk-taking and problem-solving from various angles, enabling innovation to come more naturally and fluently.

Stages of Design Thinking

• Identify the need
• Research the problem
• Develop possible solutions
• Select the most promising solution
• Construct a prototype
• Test and evaluate the prototype
• Communicate the design
• Redesign


Key Outcomes and Objectives

• Develop and build creative and innovative thought processes
• Develop confidence in taking risks
• Encourage a creative approach to problem-solving
• Develop positive dynamics through a creative medium
• Understand and demonstrate the advantages to be gained from working together
• Increase effective communication



We had the pleasure of having Gail and her team of artists to facilitate a Design Thinking event for our company’s Women’s Day celebration.

The event was designed around the theme of Design Thinking and collaboration allowing our female employees to create artworks. It was well attended by over 40 of us and majority had never done experienced any form of art.

We were impressed by the quality and amount of preparation that Gail and her team had put together, the logistics were well thought out, the instruction was simple and easy to follow, and the visual aids and stimulus were interesting. To pack everything from concepts, visuals, discussion, various techniques teaching and actual painting, and plenty of reworks into 4 hours is just incredible, and it is only possible with teachers who are passionate, highly skilled, patient and attentive to details. And above all, Gail and her artists are personable and have a great sense of humor, abundant interpersonal skills and they were easily understood by “students” of all levels. We enjoyed it thoroughly!

We have no doubt of recommending Gail and we definitely look forward to working with her team again.

Florence Chu

Enterprise Services Director, Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Great place – Gail ran a Design-Thinking team-building afternoon for us and it was a fantastic event. Can’t recommend highly enough – thanks Gail and everyone who helped make it so much fun.


Stephen Smith

Director, Learning & Development, KPMG


Thank you so much for having us. We all had a wonderful time doing something so different with so much fun. The way you introduced the team to art and the value of creativity hit home very well. I can see how the team literally transformed from being slightly intimidated and hesitant at the beginning, to enjoying their creativity during the activity, all the way to the (wacky) presentations at the end. It was a fantastic wrapping up for the entire ‘retreat’.

Carmen Ting
Head of Talent, People, Performance and Culture, KPMG.

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